Offers of assistance

Help with legal issues, translations & banking

Refugees are confronted with a plethora of official legal requirements. In addition, translation assistance is often necessary for those seeking help and for helpers. Here you will find help offers and counseling centers on these topics.

socialmap berlin – emergency help for refugees

On the Paritätische online platform socialmap - Paritätischer Wegweiser für soziale Angebote you will find advice on legal matters and asylum as well as other offers important for refugees arriving from Ukraine and other countries under “Nothilfe für Geflüchtete” (only in German):
socialmap also includes various offers from all areas of social work. Language cafés, childcare, leisure activities and self-help offers are listed here, which may be relevant for refugees at a later time.


Mediates between refugees and people wanting to offer accommodation on its platform “LeaveNoOneBehind”.
Type of support: General help e.g. with administrative processes, also provides accommodation

Volunteers for translation

Volunteers for language mediation are warmly welcome. If you speak Ukrainian or Russian and would like to help, you can send an email to The State Office for Refugee Affairs will contact you.

Information on opening a bank account

On the webpage of the Ostdeutscher Bankenverband (association of banks in eastern Germany) information from private banks (overview page) offering advice on how to open bank accounts in Germany has been compiled for Ukrainian refugees.
The Ostdeutscher Bankenverband is also compiling information from German companies that want to help the new arrivals or have been affected by the war.
Do you have any further suggestions or tips? We look forward to receiving your e-mail at: