Beratungsleistungen für Handwerksberufe

Consultation for refugees: Willkommenslotsen and Arrivo Coaching

The teams of Willkommenslotsen (Welcome Guides) and Arrivo Coaching of the Berlin Handwerkskammer provide advice on issues relating to the integration of refugees into skilled crafts professions.

Willkommenslotsen (Welcome Guides) 

The welcome guides of the Berlin Chamber of Craft Trades (HWK Berlin) are key contacts for businesses seeking advice on questions about the integration of refugees who are likely to remain in Germany, particularly regarding legal conditions for conducting work experience, internships, introductory training placements, training or work, funding and support offers as well as working with the relevant authorities.Hier erhalten Sie weitere Informationen.
Depending on requirements, the welcome guides can refer businesses to other support services offered by HWK:
Training advice, advice on recognition, legal advice and advice on starting a company.

Arrivo Coaching

ARRIVO Berlin Ausbildungscoaching advises and supports companies in the crafts and trades, industrial, commercial, service, and healthcare sectors. Trainees with a refugee background receive support during the training, in particular with matters such as the referral to and organisation of language courses and tailored support measures (e.g. specialist lessons in electrical engineering or maths tutoring), the organisation of exam preparation courses, provision of learning materials and specialist books, but also support with everyday problems and submitting applications. Hier erhalten Sie weitere Informationen