Russia-Ukraine War

Foreign trade at a glance

What is the importance of Russia and Ukraine for Berlin's economy? We have compiled the most important facts about Berlin's trade relations with both countries.

Trade relations – Berlin-Russia

Exports Berlin-Russia

  • In 2021 Russia was the 11th most important Berlin export market (2020: 11)
  • Export volume 2020: €385 million; change vs. previous year: -1%; exports continuously declining since 2011 (export decline since 2014 (EU economic sanctions against Russia): -27%)
  • TOP export goods groups – Berlin-Russia: pharmaceutical and similar products (34% of total Berlin-Russia exports); machinery (17%); electrical equipment (8%); other vehicles (8%).

Imports Berlin-Russia

  • In 2021 Russia was Berlin's 32nd most important import market
  • Import volumes 2020: 59 million; change vs. previous year: +16%;
  • TOP import commodity groups in 2020: chemical products (16%), oil and natural gas (16%), electrical equipment (15%), machinery (7%)

Russia as a foreign market in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) company survey 2021: Current situation of and prospects for Berlin's foreign trade

In view of the accelerated upheaval phase in the global economy due to the coronavirus, Berlin policymakers must develop new strategies and support measures in foreign trade promotion. Against this background, 145 Berlin companies active abroad participated in the IHK company survey on the current situation of and prospects for Berlin's foreign trade in April 2021. The survey provides a differentiated picture of the capital's foreign trade sector around one year after the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic.

The current and future target markets for Berlin's international economy:

Companies are most often active in established markets, and Russia remains an important target market. Almost nine out of ten survey participants are active in foreign trade in Europe, while half of the companies do business in North America and Asia respectively. One in three companies is involved in Russia. Only one in ten companies is currently active in Africa, the “continent of opportunity”.
Good economic situation in North America and Asia, moderate business levels in Europe and Russia: Around four out of ten companies operating in North America and Asia respectively are currently doing good business there, while business in Europe and Russia is rated as good by only a quarter of the companies operating there. In Asia, China's economic situation in particular is rated above average by companies in the region, while in Europe, Berlin companies are doing better than average business in Switzerland.  
Excellent economic outlook in North America and Asia, moderate corporate expectations for Europe, outlook for Russia gloomy: Companies expect business to develop best in North America and Asia, with around 70% of reports positive for each of these regions. Within Asia, the companies state that the ASEAN countries (Southeast Asia) continue to grow especially positively. Around 58% of the participants active in Europe expect positive economic development, with Poland's economic prospects being assessed particularly positively. Only just over one in three companies operating in Russia expects the country's economy to improve.

Trade relations – Berlin-Ukraine

Exports Berlin-Ukraine

  • Ukraine 37th most important Berlin export market in 2021
  • Export volume 2020: 87 million; change vs. previous year: 14%
  • TOP export goods groups Berlin-Ukraine: pharmaceuticals and similar products (40%); chemicals (14%), motor vehicles and parts (12%), electrical equipment (7%)

Imports Berlin-Ukraine

  • Ukraine 51st most important Berlin import market in 2021
  • Import volumes 2020: 15 million; change vs. previous year: 2%
  • TOP import commodity groups 2020: clothing (21%), other goods (16%), furniture (12%), foodstuffs and feed (11%)